Companies that are paying on dollars in Turkey

I am listing companies that are paying in dollars or dollar-based salaries (or euro, pound etc.) in Turkey for developers, software/computer engineers, etc. If you want to add to the list or update/change to the list, please contact on me on LinkedIn.

  1. ProtonMob, Istanbul
  2. Atölye15, Izmir
  3. Midas, Istanbul
  4. Pixery, Istanbul
  5. VLMedia, Ankara
  6. Pyde Technologies, UK based
  7. Maxi Digital GmbH, Germany based
  8. Mercury, Boston based

What happened at WWDC22?

Finally, iOS 16 and SwiftUI 4 are out! As an iOS Developer, this was the most exciting WWDC for me compared with previous events. We know that when Apple released Swift 4.0 it was the most stable version of Swift. This common opinion is also valid for SwiftUI.
So, let’s start with iOS quickly:

  1. Notifications
    The placement of notifications changed. It will be at the bottom of the screen. Plus, you can hide them.

2. Widgets
Widgets are also available on the lock screen. I think this is preparation for ‘Always on Display’ iPhones.

3. Mail
Now, Mail using your Focus status to show important mails in the current time. Also, you can undo or reschedule your email.

4. iMessage
iMessage updated. You can editunsent, and unread your messages! (finally right!?) Moreover, it is more interactive in group chats. But, I was expecting more than these features like replying with swipe gestures or creating broadcast messages.

5. Live Text
I know, I know. It is already available on iOS 15 but now, you can copy texts from video either. Pause, select, and copy!

6. CarPlay (late 2023)
And one of the most important news is CarPlay. These days all cars evolving into electric cars. Because of this, car makers adding more screens. Apple taking this opportunity to the next level. You can even customize your speedometer.

More details:

What does it mean for Owners (Project managers, Start-up founders, Product owners, etc.)

1- Focus Filters
The first thing that I will mention is Focus Mode. We are already familiar with this feature. Sleep, Work, Personal, Fitness, etc. With these modes, you can customize your app. iMessage was already using this feature to notify other users.

Focus mode on iMessage

You can customize your notifications based on users’ Focus Mode. Let’s say, you have a news application. Do you want to send notifications to users while they are doing Fitness or Sleeping? Or maybe you want to send notifications while they are working.

2- On-Screen Widgets
Widgets are not a new thing in iOS but On-Screen is making difference. You can inform your users on the lock screen. Apple already informs users with Fitness, Alarm, Stocks, Calendar, etc apps. But there is a limitation. Users could add 4 small widgets or 1 big and 2 small widgets. Because of that, you have to be sure that users are willing to add your app’s widgets.

3- Live Activities
I think this is the most important feature for us. Apple already gives an example of how to use this feature on the lock screen. You can stream your app’s data to users without any crowd of notifications. Other examples?

Think of yourself as the owner of a VPN application. You can stream upload and download info to the user.
Or you could have a cryptocurrency application. Your app could inform cryptocurrencies.

4- Shared with You
As a fan of iMessage, I love to see ‘Shared with You’ info while I am looking at photos in the Photos app. Now, you can develop your own shared with your feature.

Shared with You

If you have an app for making makeup or have some editing functionality on the photo this feature could save time for your users.

5- RoomPlan
Apple has Lidar on iPhone 13 series. It could detect objects in a 3D way. With RoomPlan your app could map users’ houses, offices, and other environments.


You could have a smart vacuum device application and your smart vacuum wants to know which areas are suitable for vacuuming.

Or you could have a plant application and with RoomPlan you could suggest a new placement of plants.

6- Weather
You don’t have to use 3rd party weather APIs to show the current weather temperature anymore. Apple provides a new kit for this feature. It’s a lifesaver, right!?


For Developers

First of all, let’s start with Recap videos. Are there any developers who didn’t watch these videos?! Now, it’s a good time to give break from reading and watch these videos.

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:

1- NavigationStack
Isn’t that your favorite improvement in SwiftUI? We have been waiting for 3 years to use this feature. After SwiftUI 4, we don’t have to make any excuses to the product team about how SwiftUI makes it hard to navigate to other screens. 😅

2- BottomSheets
Remember, how many times you imagined having Apple’s native bottom sheet? Now, dreams come true. It has two options which are .medium and .large. Also, it is resizing itself. No, I am not crying. 🥲

3- onTapGesture [Location Detection]
Let’s say, you have one view and want to detect the user’s tapping location exactly. In the beginning, you may confuse, and even say yourself to “Why would I use this feature?”. But don’t rush, give yourself some time. Sometimes it could be a great and simple solution to your complex issues.

4- ShareLink & RequestReview
It is time to remove all junky UIActivityViewController code or custom Share Sheets. (Not now, after you change your app’s min. deployment to iOS 16). One line code will save your and your teammate’s time. This is also one of the time saver features of SwiftUI. Just with one line (yes, one line), you could ask for a review from your users.

5- TextAnimation
This is one of mine -where do I use this thing- feature. 😅 Maybe you could use this feature in one of your applications that has chat options (like Whatsapp, Tinder, etc.).

Last but not least, don’t forget to watch these videos to keep yourself updated!

What is new in SwiftUI 4

What is new in Xcode 14

One more thing…

M2 Apple Silicon chips have arrived. For now, it is available on MacBook Air but we know definitely that it will be in MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini, etc. too.

While I was preparing this article, a 13″ MacBook Pro M2 was on the presale. 😅


I am dropping playlists here for coders, programmers, or software engineers (depends on how you call yourself) that are just released by Apple.

Best pods that I use in the most projects

  1. SwiftLint

SwiftLint enforces the style guide rules that are generally accepted by the Swift community.

  1. Firebase

Mostly I am using Firebase for Analytics and Crashlytics.

  1. IQKeyboardManagerSwift

IQKeyboardManager allows you to prevent this issue of keyboard sliding up and covering UITextField/UITextView without needing you to write any code or make any additional setup.

  1. Localize-Swift

Localize-Swift is a simple framework that improves i18n and localization in Swift iOS apps – providing cleaner syntax and in-app language switching.

  1. Kingfisher

Kingfisher is a powerful, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web. It provides you a chance to use a pure-Swift way to work with remote images in your next app.

How to Make SEO Friendly URL’s with VAPOR?

First of all you should add new Field to your Model as a string which named ‘slug’.


After that, you should edit your migration. Important thing is, slug shouldn’t be ‘.required’. Otherwise, when you creating new data you have enter your slug manually every request. Also, your field should be unique. This prevents duplicate pages.


As a third step, you should create new file which named ‘String+Ext.swift’ or other name what you wish. Also there is link for copying for code.


Lastly, you should 2 lines for your create function. Let’s say, our model name is ‘Entry’. We should create slug for new entries.


I used title Field for slug. You could use different field for your url’s. Don’t forget to ‘:slug’ parameter to add your routes. Like this:


This is the image that how I am catching slug’s.


Note: I know this is very basic tutorial for slugs but it is better than sharing nothing.

My Xcode Tips for Better Coding!

I want to share my shortcuts and tips on Xcode that I use mostly. I am using latest Xcode version as much as possible. If you are here, probably you already downloaded Xcode but in any case I am dropping link here. Download Latest Xcode!

1. Hide Errors

When you deal with large projects and want to see only warning instead of like framework warnings etc. press ‘Show only errors’ button in the Issue Navigator.

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How to Passing Data Between Controllers and Switch View Controllers in Swift?

You started to learning iOS development and you are searching one simple answer! Just passing a data one controller to different controller or want to show different controller from another controller. Let me show you!

First of all we are creating new project as always do when we starting a new tutorial.

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What Should You Do When You Start to Study Software Engineering?

I will graduate from the Izmir University of Economics in 2 months. The experiences and thoughts that I will share are gained from that school. End of this article you will find some tables from AirTable and useful links with descriptions. Let’s start with my first advice.

  1. Create 8 folders with named 1. semester, 2. semester and go on until 8. As you see in the image:

For 4 years, different 8 semesters.
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Doing Everything In English

Today, I decided to use English as much as possible in my life. In this post, I will update all my changes one by one.

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