Doing Everything In English

Today, I decided to use English as much as possible in my life. In this post, I will update all my changes one by one.

Before 31 March 2019

  • First of all, I changed the language of my all devices’ from Turkish to English.
  • I unfollowed all people who are tweets in Turkish from Twitter. (Excepts people who are following me)

31 March 2019

  • I started the first ‘real’ book in English which name is “The Art of War” – Sun Tzu. (Update: I changed book with ‘Getting Things Done’)
  • I published my first English blog post in English. (as you see)
  • I started to watch movies and tv shows without Turkish or English subtitles.

4 April 2019

  • I started to watch movies and tv shows that are not English with English subtitles.

14 April 2019

  • I did not understand the half the tv shows and I did not like some of them either but I was still watching to get sounds familiar. My first movie was Polar and I watched a tv show which name is Black Summer. Also, I started the book whose name is ‘Getting Things Done‘. I don’t know some words of the meaning but I did not check. I check the only word that I see regularly.

8 July 2019

  • I return back the Turkish subtitles. I don’t understand many of things in movie or tv shows. After a while, I will try to watch with English subtitles.
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