What Should You Do When You Start to Study Software Engineering?

I will graduate from the Izmir University of Economics in 2 months. The experiences and thoughts that I will share are gained from that school. End of this article you will find some tables from AirTable and useful links with descriptions. Let’s start with my first advice.

  1. Create 8 folders with named 1. semester, 2. semester and go on until 8. As you see in the image:

For 4 years, different 8 semesters.

After that, you will add a new folder each semester with the code of the courses. If you are retaking the course you should make new folder for every semester. This advice is important for yourself and friends from the lower class. Notes that you have taken could be useful for them. Also, you could fail some of the courses and you have to retake these courses. Because of that, you should keep your notes -at least- until finish school.

One of my folder that contains courses from 5. semester

If you want, you can add -again- new folders to keep your files organized. For example; Slayts, Projets, Homeworks, Quizzes, etc. The last things that I will tell about this advice, keep your files in the cloud. It could be Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. The benefit of the keeping your files in the cloud is that you can share your file with a link. The most important benefit is that you can access your files from every computer without sync your files manually.

“By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn.”

Latin Proverbs

2. One of the methods of effective learning is teaching others. Don’t hesitate the share your thoughts, ideas, projects or codes. When you make a mistake, your followers will warn you even you don’t want to. In the internet, users could be very crucial sometimes. Also, you could open a Twitter account to find people who will inspire you and look them to what they are doing. You could open GitHub account for sharing your codes and inspire others. Furthermore, the GitHub account will provide a better internship. Most importantly, you can open own blog share everything that you learn. You don’t have to buy .com or another specific extension. You can use .wordpress.com or .blogspot.com extension, they are free. I do not suggest but, another alternative is medium.com. Izmir University of Economics students, they can use stdhomes like stdhomes.ieu.edu.tr/username.

3. Before starting university I highly suggest researching an area that you want to specialize in. And, look into jobs details to understand what they want. Thus, you could easily select elective courses by your interest.

4. When you start university you should update your resume. If you don’t have one, you should make one. Thus, you will realize how your resume is empty. Don’t be scare empty resume. Scare could not find enough time to fill until finish university. So, how could you fill your resume? I suggest you find a volunteer internship to improve yourself and reinforce your learning that you take courses at school. These internships could be in the summertime or between semesters.

5. Don’t look at all courses just a course that you should pass. These are could be consist of many useful things for your later years and your career. Like I said in the 3, you should select your elective courses carefully for successful student life. Also, don’t wait to learn something for the course hour. Just try to build with your own knowledge and try to learn by yourself.

6. In this suggestion, I will mention a website you could organize your notes, marks and anything you want to track and organize. Firstly, you can register here. For those you are a student of the IEU could use this base. And also, you can discover new bases from here.

7. If you have to make a senior project to finish school, find your friends as soon as possible and start to make your senior project. If you start to make your senior project in senior year, many bad situations are waiting you. For example; you couldn’t agree with your friends or you may want to change your project in the middle of the semester.

8. There is a website you could download any ebook from there. You could download your course books. But I suggest you buy for your personal library. Also, you could universities library for these books. I am sure many of them exist in the library.

Website: http://gen.lib.rus.ec

9. Lastly and the most important suggestion that I will give you is that using a digital calendar effectively. When you get your courses program(syllabus) you should create own calendar carefully. For example; If you have math class Monday 9-11 and Wednesday 9-11 you should add your calendar AND it repeats automatically every week. This is 15 minutes work. After 15 minutes all the courses will be on your calendar. You don’t have to screenshot your courses program and make it wallpaper on your phone. And also for your career, you should how to use calendar effectively from now on.

Bonus: For those who study Software Engineering or Computer Engineering at the Izmir University of Economics, there is a Whatsapp group; we are helping each other about any topic. If you are a student at the IEU don’t hesitate to mail me with your university mail to join the group. You can find my mail address on my Instagram profile.

Bonus-2: You should do any sport as many as possible. This keeps you healthy and force you to make movement. You will be vigorous every morning and you will find power to do anything you want.

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Loves, Hüseyin.

Note: I will update this post as much as possible. And please correct me about my English and grammar 🙂

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